Small Groups


What is a small group?


For us, a small group is an intentional face-to-face group (3-12 people) who meet at a regular time (often twice a month) to focus on a certain tasks that actualizing the reign of the God in one's life and in the world.


In contrast, a servant group is small group that practices four elements: study, prayer, sharing, and mission with the intention of growing in Christ and actualizing the reign of the God in one's life and in the world.


A committee is a group of people that have been discerned by the church to carry out specific tasks for specific periods of time on behalf of the church.


Women's Reading Group. This small group is a women's reading and discussion group that meets on the 4th Saturday of each month at 6:30 at the church.   Contact Vangie at 263-0204 ( or Geneva at 316-262-2644 ( 



Trustees. This committee assumes the legal responsibility for relating to the state and the world in such areas as incorporation, taxes, maintaining titles of ownership of church prpoerty, and maintaining insurance. In addition, this committee oversees the management of church property, including maintenance and repairs, preparing recommendations for a church budget, and working with the churuch treasurer.






sm groups


Immigration Servant Group. This servant group meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 7:30-9:00 p.m. This group will meet for worship, study, sharing, prayer, and focus on its "outward" mission a bringing a religious perspective to immigration issues. For information, contact Pat at 371-8274 or

Church Council. This committee meets once a month and it made up of the Shepherds, teaching minister, moderator, and treasurer. The responsibilities of this committee include overseeing: (i)  the ministerial staff, (ii) the activities and committees of the church, such as worship, education, mission and service, trustees, and small groups, and (iii) the recommendations for the agenda for the monthly Church Life meetings.




Bible Study Group. This servant group focuses on reading the Bible and discussing its meaning and significance for us. Currently we are reading the Gospel of Mark. We meet for 45 minutes on the 2nd and 4th Sunday after the service and fellowship time, usually about 11:45 am. On Sundays we have potluck (1st Sunday).  For information, contact Vangie at 316-209-7964 or

Shepherds. This committee gives attention to the spiritual growth and direction of the chruch, both as a whole and individuals with in. The Sheperds will be discerned and called for staggered two-year terms, to work as a leadership team with the teaching minsiter.

Worship Committee. This committee meets once a month to plan worship services, including the scheduling of worship leaders and teachers, topics and themes, songs and verse of the month.


Mission & Service Committee. This committee provides opportunites for MCs to become informed about and involved in short-term and long-term ministreis of service, peace, and justice. Meetings are every 4-6 weeks at 9:00 am (often at McDonld's, Central & Edgemoor). This committee planns the weekly "Focus on Mission" for Sunday worship, and initiates forums on service, peace, and justice issues. Contact Pat at